"The Next Generation of Education Management"

Why Vurcity?

Vurcity was developed with a deep industry understanding of education management systems. Our collected findings of the management mechanics are reflected in its simple and user friendly attributes. Vurcity improves the fundamental management processes by simplifying routine administrative workload without compromising complex bureaucratic requirements.

With extensive research conducted on the requirements of the education industry, Vurcity manages the student’s registration process more effectively and efficiently. Vurcity enhances student’s education experience by taking out the hassles of registration and its bureaucracy.

How Vurcity Improve Business Performance

With its web based attribute, Vurcity improves the speed of information retrieval and dissemination from anywhere at anytime - promoting a self-service and an efficient environment.

Vurcity enables online reporting possible, using standard formats across the whole organization. This standard format ensures that the shared knowledge is easily recognizable and understood; Vurcity optimizes operational efficiency in an organization.


Vurcity Vurcity

What is Vurcity

Vurcity is a real time, open source, web based, fully integrated functionality and built for educational institutions.

There is only one constant in this world – and that is ‘Change’ to be a successful dynamic organization, one must manage change in the fastest and most efficient manner.